Project B: Cocoon 


In her own words: Working with Ben was trully an honor. A challenge to pull of the shoot which were shot at MoMa and Guggenheim. Guggenheim really had strict protocol and it wsa a 6am shoot. We needed this colder tonality and very few people around us . Ben shoots very fast and the Cocoon knits were sculptures that could really do many things. But I wanted this aspect of Cocoon and hibernation. I had not yet made the big Cocoon which was always in the forefront of my mind. There was a surreal approach to this project and felt that it was a nice evolution from metamorphosis where you saw Ben’s visual artistic abilities as well as my textile design.  

Cocoon X, photographed by Ben Zank
Guggenheim, New York  2021

Project B : Cocoon
Textile Design: Amah Dongo
Photography: Ben Zank
Amah Dongo x Ben Zank

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