The Alphabet Project
A visual art alphabet-base project

The Alphabet Project respectively named after the alphabet is a visual arts project spearheaded by Amah Cynthia Dongo. She creates a fusion of contemporary visual arts merged with her background in design to create a metaphorical set of projects following the complete alphabet. She collaborates with different artists around the United States and directs the series of visual art that fuses not only her art, but with others to create a symbodlic story in the state of where she is as an artist. The Alphabet letter A started with herself in a realization to explore her metamorphosis of changing from her fashion background to art, and exploring who she was an creative individual through colors. The first 4 letters represent the evolution of the butterfly. In letter A , She felt it was important to look at her identity through the lense of colors and shapes. The very technique in whcih she paints. In thsi project, you are not sure of what came first. The photoraph by Maciek Jasik or her painting and who followed who. Who inspired who. Who understood who? The constructive story is a universal story of how the artist can see themself and a complex analysis of the sum of their part.

In her own words: In this work, working with Maciek was an honor. I had admired his work for a long time as someone who understood light and colors exceptionally well. But also understood the energy of colors. And ultimately the painting is one of a few paintings where I paint myself and often with no actual face. I remove the ego to myself and so teh viewer too cna feel as though I have painted them or someone they know. I uncannily started painting this painting before I even saw the actual photograph Maciek had taken. This is whre my heigthened sense of intuition with colors and understanding what surrounds me without actaully seeing worked in a nice fusion. There is no way to explain how I know but that it was fair to represent my ability to undersand others through my work, and primarrily myself. In this I began my metamorphosis. Alternatively, the butterfly the lepidoptera is my favorite insect and a spiritual symbol that has often appered in transformative times of my life.

Letter A
Acrylic on Canvas
20 inches x 24 inches 

Photography by Maciek Jasik

Project B

Project A : Metamorphosis

Amah Dongo x Maciek Jasik