Artist Statement
Amah is a color-focused synesthetic artist who utilizes geometric shapes to create a dialogue on how we perceive and see what is around us. By playing with size, space, and color, she wants to express emotion and narrate abstract stories from multiple viewpoints to drive how we interact with our subconscious and conscious. Her embodiment of different cultures aims to evoke viewers' emotional and intellectual responses through recollection, imagery, and universality. 

From the inspiration of her homeland, Africa, she uses tribal forms and geometrical shapes in a brutalist manner to convey the power of imagery and the complexity of abstract stories. The pull of the color, abstractionism, and powerful mythos of African stories interlays with American society's metaphorical communication and complexity. She combines the coexistence of two worlds to represent the duality to which she feels she belongs. 

Amah's fusion of colors balances the chaos of language between the literal and metaphorical, the overuse of definitions with the lack of, the belief of comprehension and disillusions, manifesting a linguistic and ideology that pushes counterpoints and information through our conscious and unconscious realms. 

Amah Cynthia Dongo at  Studio 
Photography by Katelyn Kopenhaver